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When the country sank in a prolonged economic crisis, its impact is felt by the majority of the Indonesian people. Groups of people who experience the negative effects of this condition are those in low socioeconomic status and those living in big cities (Jakarta and surrounding areas) in which the level of fulfillment of daily needs are very high, not to mention the heavy life burdens. Job loss, the demand in fulfilling daily needs, and the increase of cost of living make education no longer a priority for most people.

Thousands of children dropped out of school. Affliction makes children stray on the streets and become ’pengamen’, beggars, pickpockets, etc. Some of them are addicted to drugs, some experienced sexual harassment and even physical abusement. Those issues ruin their lives and make them lose their futures.

Called to provide bright futures for children and youth, and to prepare them to be reliable and tough generations to face globalisation, Mahanaim foundation was moved to take the responsibility. Working together with the regional government to achieve a well-educated society and as a result, Mahanaim foundation built Mahanaim school by the grace of Jesus Christ.

Mahanaim school is the answer for those with low socioeconomic status but need good education. With almost more than 50% of the student intake are those with very low sosioeconomic status, poor academic performance, as well as problem children. The main goals in Mahanaim school are to develop good characters, to get to know God, and to train students to achieve better not only in academic area but also non-academic areas. From year to year, we saw that there were so many children who previously did not have hopes and dreams were healed and got their motivation back. They struggled with tears and made a right choice of how to overcome their life problems, and they were successful.

From 2002 until 2005, Mahanaim school started with the Primary School, then followed by Playgroup, Kindergarten, Junior High School and Senior High School.

    1. Year of establishment (Playgroup) : 2006
    2. Year of establishment ( Kindergarten) : 2004
    3. Accreditation status: ’A’ (13 December 2007)
    1. Year of establishment : 2002
    2. Accreditation status:
      • ’A’ (30 December 2005)
      • ’A’ (21 December 2013)
    1. Year of establishment : 2004
    2. Accreditation status:
      • ‘A’ (13 December 2007)
      • ‘A’ (28 October 2011)
    1. Year of establishment : 2005
    2. Accreditation status:
      • ‘A’ (3 November 2008)
      • ‘A’ (21 December 2013)
  • Vocational High School (SMK)
    1. Year of establishment : 2005
    2. Accreditation status:
      • Marketing program : 'A'
      • Animation program : ‘A’
      • Hotel and Accommodation program established in 2016 (haven’t got the accreditation status)
      • Tour and Travel program established in 2016 (haven’t got the accreditation status)
  • Pusat Kegiatan Belajar Masyarakat ( PKBM )

    PKBM is a community learning center that enables students to obtain recognition of learning result equal to formal education based on national standard of education. It offers package A(equal to Primary School level), B(equal to Junior High School level) and C (equal to Senior High School level)

We believe that every child is precious, and it corresponds with our “Everyone Is Precious”. Each student is unique, that’s why we give different treatments for each of them. We help them to overcome their weaknesses and develop their strengths.


To prepare generations and leaders with the Fear of God, good knowledge, understanding and wisdom, are competent in their fields and have characters that please God.


  1. To give a good quality education to every student, as well as build students’ characters
  2. To explore and develop students’ talents and potential which God has entrusted.
  3. To develop students’ creativities combined with analytical thinking.