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Mahanaim school offers several ranges from Playgroup up to Senior High School and Vocational High School. We also plan to establish some colleges to answer the need for higher education levels.

Playgroup, Kindergarten : Focus on character education and entrepreneurship, scientific learning, K13 curriculum, and spiritual development.Extracurricular: Drawing, Dance, Physical Education, English, Robotics, Singing and Percussion In order to support student’s understanding of real life, we also conduct social activities such as making friends with other schools, visiting traditional market, character development, and also one- day leadership.

Primary School: Focus on character development, talent exploration and development in sports, English and Mandarin. We also conduct entrepreneurship program to help students develop creative thinking. Some parents testified that Mahanaim Primary school graduates are excellent in academic and character.

Junior High School: Prioritize entrepreneurship education to foster students’ independence and accountability, and develop creative thinking by using K13 curriculum.

Senior High School: Create a balance in academic, character and ministry, and develop scientific work as a tool or a channel for developing students’ potential.

Vocational High School: Its motto is SMART. SMART stands for Spiritual, Manner, Attitude, Responsibility, Talent. Focus on skills and the fear of God character, produce ready-for-work graduates, explore and develop students’ talents.